How 2 Fix Videos
Cars and trucks get to the point where it cost more to fix then just go out and buy a new one. The other thing is you can't depend on them. First if you need to decide do you want drive it or is it something to save and restore. If you want to keep the car as a daily driver you have to do the math. How much is a new car payment how much is the insurance for the new car. Then add up how much is costing you to keep your old car. Most of the time it dose not pay to have full coverage insurance on a older car. The other thing is do you just have one car. 

I have always liked car and trucks and from the time I could drive I have considered my self a enthusiast. I am not going to say how old I am but I have had some cars I would love to have now.
I had a 1969 Mustang it was a basic car but had the famous 302 or today they call it 5.0. The thing I did not like about it was it was a automatic. But it was the only year Mustang  had 4 head lights 2 hi beam 2 low beam. The transmission went bad I replaced it with a used one and about 6 months later  that one went bad.  So I sold it for scrap price in the mid 80's with a bad transmission. What I should have done was park it some where put a cover on it and forget about. It would make a nice restoration project today. One more car I had was a 1970 Camaro SS Chevy was going to stop making Camaro's in 1970 so the only people that got them in 1970 where special order.
You get the point! Cars are one of the worst investments you can make. But we pay for them for because we like them, we just tell our self we need them. If we just buy them because we need them we would buy the cheapest car we can find.
I have a 1999 BMW540i M Sport I want to keep this car but I drive it so it has to be dependable. In Maryland you can get classic tags when a car is 20 years old it makes your insurance cheep. I might keep this car and get something newer and restore the 99 and just drive sometimes to the store or when I feel like it. So the answer is up to you, if your car has a blue book of $3500.00 and new paint cost $2000.00 you paint it for the love of the car not because it needs new paint.
I know of someone that works in construction always in mud, and can drive 75 miles one way to work. He has a older Volkswagen TDI ( diesel ) and gets 50 + MPG he hit a guardrail in the snow, I don't think there is a spot on the car that's not hit but like he sad it's paid for it gets great MPG and the A/C works. But if he tried to sell it he might get $2000  for it. He has another car to drive that is nice. If he puts a couple of dollars a year in it it still dose not come close to a new car payment and don't forget insurance. This is when you have to think, if the car is letting you down or costing more to fix then it would cost to buy another car. And sometimes when you buy used you end up buying someone else problem.

If you want to save it you have to think would this be a good car to keep. Some cars are only good for scrap. How do you know? Some is guess in the 70's the Nova was a under powered cheap car ( but they did make a SS model ). Today a lot of people restore them. You need to think what will make this car special. If you want to keep it to drive you have to get over the point you will put more money in it then it is worth today. Maybe in the future it will be worth more then it cost to buy new but who knows. You need to look at it like restore as you drive, like if a ball joint go's bad  don't replace one ball joint replace everything in the front end.