The drone you can sit on and fly like a helicopter. would you get on it. What do you think?
Cat gets bionic legs in landmark operation. Poo, the cat lost his hind legs in an accident and his chances of survival were slim. The traditional solution would have had him drag a set of wheels behind him. But watch the video to see.
  A laser printer without ink or toner. Lasers that ‘softly’ burn paper could be the next evolution in printing. Former students of the University of Technology in Delft, Netherlands, have developed a technology that can print on any kind of paper without consumables, such as toner or ink.
Would You Use Your Finger As A Boarding Pass? By Vocativ StaffCustomers flying Delta can now board using just their fingerprints at Reagan Washington National Airport.
This 3D-Printed Heart Valve Could Save Lives. Advanced 3D printed heart valves could soon assist cardiologists in performing transcatheter aortic valve replacements (TAVR) and other life-saving surgeries.
This Solar Car Hopes To Charge Past The Competition. Here’s something new in the world of electric vehicles: students at Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands have developed a five-seat solar car.
Google Sells Its Super Creepy Robotics Company. Boston Dynamics’ robots are getting a new home. Japan’s Softbank is buying the company from Google’s parent Alphabet.
Question? Years ago people where taught anyone can say anything they want and it is up to you to figure out what is true. Do we really want big business and government telling us what is fake news or not. Or is this a form of communism?

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Watch out Wi-Fi, Li-Fi is here, Imagine this… a light bulb that works just like Wi-Fi, connecting you to the Internet through flickers of light! 
Snake-Like Robot May Be The Future Of Rescue Missions. Researchers have developed a soft robot that moves like a serpent, which could prove useful in search and rescue operations or medical.