I started to thinking how much money I save by doing things my self. I thought why not make videos and post them so other people could fix things their self. The idea is to show how with a little instructions most people can fix their car / truck at home. I have blog pages on different things about the automotive topic. Lets face it we all like to watch videos about how to build race engines but 95% of us will never do it. Please take a look and see if any of the blog information or videos can help you. I will be adding more blog's and videos on a regular basis.

How 2 fix bolg information and more

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Will bigger or dual exhaust increase horsepower, this is a good question.

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about exhaust
There are two types of wastegates one is internal and the other is external, they are as they sound.

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   about wastegates
Will installing bigger fuel injectors give more horsepower?

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    about injectors
So should I get a bigger, compounds, or twins turbos;

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Some of the videos we have.

Air bag suspension, this is a video of how to put air bags on your truck for around $100.00. Before you put springs on your truck watch this video and read are blog page at air bags versus springs.
This is a detailed video how to replace BMW timing chain guides. Replacing your timing chain guides is a time consuming job, but with basic automotive skills anyone can do it. Replacement of the timing chain guides yourself can save you a lot of money. In this video I explain everything you need to know to replace your own timing chain guides.
One of the videos we have on Car Enthusiast page
The new BMW M5 Driving at Estoril

Luxurious four-door business sedan with a taste for the race track.
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