Here you will find videos on how to repair your BMW 540I and more

This is a video of how to replace your water pump on your BMW 540I and 740I 4.4. Replacing your water pump is not that hard to do. The biggest part of replacing you water pump is knowing how to. A lot of people replace the BMW water pump as maintenance or you can wait like I did and then call AAA and hope you are not on a long trip where you will pay big $ to have it fixed. I would recommend using a BMW water pump I have tried aftermarket water pumps and have not had good luck with them. I live in the Washington DC area and here for some reason if I go in the BMW dealer and buy a water pump it cost twice as much as if I order a water pump from there web site. And if you get a water pump from BMW don't forget to order a gasket they don't include a gasket. Why would someone buy a water pump and not need a gasket I don't know.
This is a video of how to make your own Dual Exhaust for your BMW 540i. I spent a lot of time thinking about how to put dual exhaust on my BMW. I did not want to give up the spare tire. All the dual exhaust systems I looked at you can't have a spare. This dual exhaust system you can keep your spare. This is a great sounding dual exhaust. In the past I put dual exhaust on cars and the most you could is great sound but I can tell the difference in HP. BMW goes to a lot of trouble to make there cars quite. When you cut the exhaust off you will see how much it weighs.
This is a video of how to replace BMW hub bearing, brakes and rotors / breaks. If you hear noise when you turn or vibration it is probably the hub bearing. It is not that hard to replace you hub bearing. If you want to know how to change brakes or rotors this video will show you how. Your hub bearing is important, the last thing you want is to be driving down the road and have the hub bearing lock up.
Just a short video of how to replace a BMW hood latch

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